To Whom It May Concern,

We, the undersigned residents and business owners of the West Portal Neighborhood in San Francisco, are writing this petition to express our urgent need for reliable fiber internet access. Our community has been grappling with unstable internet connections for years, hindering our ability to work, study, and communicate effectively. We believe that Sonic, a nearby provider, can address this issue by extending their fiber service to our area.

Facts Supporting Our Petition

Unstable Connection: Many of us experience frequent disruptions in our internet service. Whether it’s Zoom meetings freezing during important work discussions or online classes being interrupted, the lack of stability affects our daily lives.

Sonic Nearby: Sonic, a reputable internet service provider, operates in homes just two blocks away from our neighborhood. Their fiber-optic network promises high-speed, reliable connectivity. It’s perplexing why our area remains underserved.

Benefits of Fiber Internet

Speed: Fiber-optic internet offers blazing-fast speeds necessary for day-to-day work and education.

Reliability: Unlike traditional connections, fiber is less susceptible to weather conditions and interference.

Symmetrical Upload/Download Speeds: Fiber ensures equal upload and download speeds, crucial for remote work and video conferencing.

Future-Proof: As technology advances, fiber networks can accommodate increasing demands without major infrastructure upgrades.

Our Request

We respectfully request that Sonic extend its fiber service to our neighborhood. By doing so, they can bridge the digital divide and enhance our quality of life. We believe that every resident deserves reliable internet access, especially when a solution is within reach.

The following map shows the areas where Sonic is available (e.g., 14th & 15th Ave) and surrounding streets (e.g., Wawona St, Vicente St, etc.) where Sonic is currently not available:


How to Participate?

Scan the following QR code or click here and sign our petition.


Thank you,
Your West Portal Neighborhood